Hi there! Nice to meet you!

I'm Princess Pea, the public face of CannabusDC. 

I am a soon-to-be clinical herbalist, medical cannabis patient and advocate, queer femme happy to go on long stoner rants about capitalism and feminism. 

CannabusDC was founded in 2016 by myself and my partner Big Worm. 

Our mission is to educate and inspire the DC community through cannabis activism and education. 

We are no-till growers calling Southeast home. 

I teach online cannabis courses, webinars, and speak on panels. I work one on one with clients in a clinical setting to help them come up with the best herbal plan for their specific issues and symptoms. 

I sell cannabis photos during the week in SE DC as well as organize a delivery service which can bring my art to you! I also sell coloring sheets that we had commissioned just for us from local queer artists!

I am a writer and published author, and I post my writings over at 

If you are interested in purchasing some of my photos/art and are not local, please check out the "art" page here. :)

Big Worm is often hiding in the shadows but has a background and degree in sustainable agriculture and agriculture education and is the lead grower for CannabusDC. Every now and then he makes an appearance teaching on YouTube and he's a former co-host of The DC Pharma Show, so we encourage you to check out both. 

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