Review & Giveaway of "Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy"

I was so excited to obtain 10 copies of this book from The American Herbalist Guild!

As an herbalist, I often want to share the basics with people but often find it challenging to explain ALL the nuances of herbalism as clinical practice.

This book fills in the gaps. If you are new to herbalism, want to increase your personal knowledge, or want to increase your clinical knowledge for your practice- this is the book for you.

It goes over the basics of energetics, Aryuveda, TCM, and more. It also explains treatment options for the various body functions as well as uses case studies to show examples.

Is the book a little dry? For someone with no interest in herbs and herbalism-yes. For someone serious about the clinical practice of herbalism? This is your Bible.

Because we were able to get so many copies, we are doing a multi-platform giveaway on social media but are adding an additional giveaway here. Just subscribe to the website via email (look on the sidebar) and comment on this post to be entered.

Happy Reading and #Staylifted!


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    1. Spelling was baaaad.... what an awesome opportunity!

  2. Hey I'm still interested next time we meet

  3. John Holland btw forgot my account name is so old for this


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