Big Worm's Grow Journal - TGA Test Pack

This grow is compliant with Prop 71 in Washington, DC.

Containers : I am using 20-gallon (root pouch brand) cloth containers.

Mix :The mix is 1:1:1 Sunshine #4 / Rice Hulls ,Vermiculite and Pumice/ Homemade Compost, Worm Castings, Local Compost

Amendments: 1/2 Cup Per Cu FT

Neem Cake/Karanja Mix
Kelp Meal
Crab Meal
Steamed Fish Bone Meal

4 Cups per Cu Ft -
Mix Azamite / Oyster Flower

Seedling Mix : 50% Sunshine #4 / 50% Worm Castings (homemade)

A hand full of worms was added to 20-gallon containers, Build-A-Soil cover crop blend planted, top dressed with straw and MBP.

5/9 - Start 5 seeds with 24-hour soak. Get 5/5 germination - lost 2 due to human error.

5/? - Transplant them into seedling mix, topdress with MBP and straw.

5/26 - They are moved to new veg tent with waiting 20 gallon containers.

5/29 - Given light water conditions in new tent. They are ok but not perfect yet. The temp got down to 68 and maxed at 76. They are under a 4 bulb 4 ft mixed grow spectrum t8 grow lamp.

· Transplanted to 20 gallon no-till smart pots.

· Watered them in with aloe, coconut water powder, fulvic acid, and silica.

· Humidity conditions staying between 61 and 84. Temp staying between 68 and 77.

· Added the VM7 to the root ball and transplant hole. Also added new cover crop seeds around the planting site.

· Treated with IPM spray (1TBL neem oil, 1 .5tsp silica, 10ml fulvic acid, .5tsp coconut water powder/fdcw).

· Top dressed with ¼ cup ground malted barley.

· Plain watered.

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